1. Who are the Mohawks?
  • The Mohawks to me are a family, a family which the glue is made from the love of a brother and the symphony of exhaust notes. We are a brotherhood, we stand stronger when we lean on each other, like a pack of cards made into a pyramid.. We may only meet once or twice a week, but we think about our brothers everyday of the week, month and year. We help each other to encourage and improve every brother to his full potential no matter how we get there.
  • We go for our own ride outs at least once a month, we meet on a Friday for a chat and catch up over the week with a beer in hand. We visit other clubs for socials and parties. We have family days outs for members families to keep everyone dear to us connected to our club and most importantly, we talk about our motorbikes and we even ride the dam things too!

  • To wear the patch on my chest means im part of a brotherhood that i can rely on no matter what stands before us, our members are from different walks of life, work different jobs and some even come from different counties, giving varied and valuable opinions to the challenges we face at the table, giving more ideas to make our club better in every way.

  • we ride any bike we can get our hands on, from a Honda VTX 1800 to a Harley Sporter 1200 to a suzuki bandit 600 ( when i put it back tougher that is.... ) all these bikes plus many more members bikes are in the gallery tab for your eyes to enjoy.